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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

James Introduction

James is a book of action. James is writing to Christians who had been scattered throughout Palestine because of persecution. This is a hard letter. He's asking people living in a hostile environment, to stand for the very thing that makes their neighbors angry... Sound familiar?

This faith is a living faith. It's not a coat you can put on and wear around and remove if it starts to get too hot. We are to be men and women of action. What good is it to have the faith of saints, and yet use it for no purpose?

What good is a car if you don't drive it? Or a house if you don't live in it? Or a TV without electricity?

You have been chosen by God. A chosen vessel made holy through the cleansing of the blood. Is this fact reflected in your life? Do those around you see a chosen vessel? Do your actions reflect the God you've put your faith in?

As we study through James' explanation of the characteristics of a Christian faith being exemplified in the daily life, examine your own lives... Do you meet the standard? Do you reflect Christ? What do people see in you?

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