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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

II Peter Introduction

- Sound the alarm! Be on your guard!
- In II Peter, Peter is issuing a warning. Beware of yourself!
- As humans, we can become so focused on today, so focused on what we have to do, or what we have to accomplish buy the end of the week, or month…
- In the middle of all the busyness life throws at us, we have to maintain our focus on God.
- If we start focusing on all that life can be… we forget to put God first. We start worrying about the paper's that are due, or the kid's get involved in 5 different sports activities, or we start scheduling more things to do that are hours in a day, or we pick up a second job to make ends meet and the bills are closing in...
- When we lose focus on God, regardless of reason, we start to become apathetic. Or we start to feel stagnant, or like we've gotten ourselves stuck in a rut. Or we just feel languid... without purpose and without passion. Anybody been there lately?
- When we get to that place, we start looking for things to energize us. Things that make us passionate. Things that awaken our emotions to something incredible.
- Peter warns about false teachers. As we get closer and closer to the last days, false teachers will pop up more frequently and be much more approachable. They can be the most charismatic people you have ever met... and they will pull you in with sly words and the promise of great things... They bring an emotional high that our minds and bodies crave...
- We have to be alert in watching for danger. Just because something sounds a lot like truth or looks beneficial, doesn’t mean it’s biblical or correct.
- If we are not alert, false teachings will creep up on us before we even know it.
- Peter gives some guidelines to help us see the warning signals that come with false teachers and their teachings.
- But have faith! Hold fast! Stay true!
- Jesus is coming soon! And soon we will share in His coming Glory.
- In the meantime, continue to grow and continue to reach out to as many lost souls as possible. The Lord tarries, not to extend your earthly suffering, but rather so that all have the chance to be saved.

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