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Monday, November 29, 2010

Galatians Introduction

Galatians was written by Paul while in Antioch. He was writing to the Galatian church to refute the teachings of the Judiazers. These men were teaching that in order to be saved... you not only had to believe that Christ was the Messiah, but you ALSO had to carry on all the Jewish Mosaic laws. Gentiles who were coming into the church were being told they had to follow Jewish traditions...

Paul is bringing them back to the truth. What is the basis of our faith? On who and on what is it founded? This is a reminder of where we came from and of what the very core of our faith is comprised. A reminder that Christ came to free the captives... and we were the captives... Satan's slaves to sin. But now, we are slaves no longer! God came to earth in the form of a man to pay our ransom FULLY! The debt we owed, as large as it was, has been covered! What are you doing with your freedom?

I love my study bible's intro to this book, so I'm going to put part of it in here...

“A family, executing their carefully planned escape at midnight, dashing for the border... a man standing outside prison walls, gulping fresh air, awash in the new sun... a young woman with every trace of the ravaging drug gone from her system... they are FREE! With fresh anticipation, they can begin life anew.
Whether fleeing oppression, stepping out of prison, or breaking a strangling habit, freedom means life. There is nothing so exhilarating as knowing that the past is forgotten and that new options await. People yearn to be free.
The book of Galatians is the charter of Christian freedom. In this profound letter, Paul proclaims the reality of our liberty in Christ—freedom from the law and the power of sin, and freedom to serve our living Lord.... Faith in Christ means true freedom.... You are FREE in Christ—step into the light and celebrate!”

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