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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Esther Introduction

Esther Introduction

The book of Esther is a story with many aspects... but the thing that always sticks out to me is God's sovereignty and ability to place willing people exactly where He needs them to be... for such a time as this...

Through uncommon circumstances, God placed Esther, a little Jewish girl, right in the king's palace... not as a maid, not as a worker... but as QUEEN.

When the very existence of her people was threatened... she was in a place to save them. Was it easy? no... she had to put her own life on the line... but was it worth it? Oh yes.

God knew that Esther would have the courage to step up and do what was needed... so He put her in that position. He placed her right where He knew she could be of use to her people.

What kind of position are you in? What kind of ways could God use you where you are? Are you prepared to take on the tasks at hand?

When the earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, there was a story of this woman... She was a nurse who was taking care of her niece who was handicapped and she had FINALLY bought a house... just this little one... but they had moved up a little.

When the earthquake hit, she lost everything... They had started moving everybody into one place... and when she walked in and saw everybody there... she thought... what am I doing? Why am I feeling sorry for myself?

So she looked around, and found an umbrella and a table or something... and set up and started seeing patients. She didn't sleep for like 3 days... When the red cross finally got there... they were totally shocked... They tried to get her to take a break and she was like... why? I'm needed here.

So they built her a hospital... lol

With all the recent tragedy in Japan and thinking about all the hard things people see in their lives that they didn't expect to happen...

When really horrible things happen around us or to us... we need to be ready to react and respond at all times... no matter what that means...

Are you prayerfully prepared to face whatever may come your way? Are you seeking God's wisdom when things come up that you're not sure how to handle? Do the people around you know that when they need someone to help, you'll be ready and willing?

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